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Food Friday 12/8/23: Healthy holiday eating with Nicole Rodriguez

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Holiday eating can be a caloric and nutritional nightmare! Dietician Nicole Rodriguez returns to offer delicious and healthy ideas for your holiday table. To join the conversation call 800-348-2551. Ray Graf hosts.

Nicole Rodriguez, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, resides in the metro New York area, where she offers nutrition counseling and fitness coaching to a diverse clientele. Nicole is the co-founder of Step Bite Step, a flexible fat-loss program.

Nicole's Food Philosophy (from EnjoyFoodEnjoyLife.com)

There are no “good” and “bad” foods.

Are there foods that are worth eating more often for the sake of overall health, and others that are best left in the “sometimes” or “treat” category? Absolutely. But there are no “bad” foods.

Eat food.

Toss the shakes, bars, powders, cleansing teas, and any product that’s sabotaging your relationship with food. Good nutrition starts with a commitment to FOOD.

Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez

Plan your meals around vegetables.

Think of veggies as the stars of the show. Lean proteins and grains are the supporting cast. Shine the spotlight on vegetables at the majority of your meals. Don’t be surprised when your waistline shrinks and your energy improves.

Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.

Good health and nutrition don’t exclusively exist at natural food chains and farmers markets. Whether you shop at a big box retailer, a supermarket, or a corner store, I’ll help you make the best food choices that fit your lifestyle.

Move your body.

Whether it’s resistance training, calisthenics, or getting reacquainted with your favorite sport, designating time to exercise is non-negotiable.

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