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On 25th anniversary of triumph, YES Network's Jack Curry makes case for 1998 Yankees as the greatest in new book

 Jack Curry's new book on the 1998 Yankees concludes they were the best team in history.
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Jack Curry's new book on the 1998 Yankees concludes they were the best team in history.

Change is constant in the game of baseball. This season, there’s a pitch clock, replay, bigger bases, and a limit on shifts. Past eras saw the advent of the designated hitter, the end of the color line, and a rising and falling mound.

But some things stay the same: the best teams win about 100 games, 90 is usually good enough to make the playoffs, and the winningest teams don’t always make it count in October.

Given 150 years of data, baseball writer and YES Network analyst Jack Curry thinks the 1998 Yankees are the best ever. His new book on this 25th anniversary of that team, which won 125 games, is called “The 1998 Yankees: The Inside Story of the Greatest Baseball Team Ever.” In it, Curry catches up with the key players from that World Series-winning behemoth and considers the lineup against other standouts like The Big Red Machine and Murderers’ Row.

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