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"The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos"

Book cover for The Year Time Stopped

In 2020, the world experienced massive change. Millions of lives were ended—and millions more upended—by the Covid-19 pandemic. The shocking police killings of Black men and women gave rise to powerful social movements and widespread collective action to rectify centuries of injustice and racism in the United States and globally. Together, these three colossal events tested the resilience of the social fabric bringing us all together.

Attempting to illuminate and make sense of this new reality, photographers from around the world documented these transformational moments as they unfolded.

Curated by the founders of Scopio, a community-based image marketplace, a stunning and unforgettable visual history that captures the world’s response to major events that defined 2020: the COVID pandemic and the sweeping movements for racial and social justice.

Nour Chamoun joins us.

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