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New Edition Of "Decolonizing Wealth" By Edgar Villanueva

Book cover for "Decolonizing Wealth" by Edgar Villanueva
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Book cover for "Decolonizing Wealth" by Edgar Villanueva

In "Decolonizing Wealth," Edgar Villanueva looks past philanthropy's glamorous, altruistic façade and into its shadows: white supremacy, savior complexes, and internalized oppression.

Across history and to the present day, the accumulation of wealth is steeped in trauma. How can we shift philanthropy toward social reconciliation and healing if the cornerstones are exploitation, extraction, and control?

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Joe talks to people on the radio for a living. In addition to countless impressive human "gets" - he has talked to a lot of Muppets. Joe grew up in Philadelphia, has been on the area airwaves for more than 25 years and currently lives in Washington County, NY with his wife, Kelly, and their dog, Brady. And yes, he reads every single book.
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