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Any Questions #645: After the "Fire"

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase MATCHING LETTERS. Rearrange the letters to spell an eight-letter word for something found inside the human body and a seven-letter word for what you can do to help avoid injuring that thing. What are the words?
Answer: The body part is a LIGAMENT and you can STRETCH it.

On-air questions: Yesterday was the fourth of July, which is Independence Day here in the U.S. Fourth of July celebrations often conclude with a fireworks show, and tonight we’re going to have one of our own: this week, our questions are about things with “fire” in their name.

1. Evolving from a group named The Salty Peppers, which R&B band’s name comes from the three elements that are said to be highly influential over Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of Maurice White, the band’s founder and main songwriter?
2. Celebrated on November 5, Bonfire Night is observed annually, primarily in Great Britain. Another common name for the observance is one that references which leader of the failed Gunpowder Plot, the event that inspired the celebration?
3. The title of the second novel in a trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson ends with the words Played with Fire. The novel is followed in the trilogy by one whose title ends with Hornet’s Nest and is preceded by one whose title ends with which two words?
4. The Chicago Fire, along with 28 other teams including the New York Red Bulls, the LA Galaxy, and the New England Revolution, comprise the members in the U.S. and Canada of the major league in which sport?
5. Although the term included various people over the years – many of whom disliked the moniker – the group of actors known as the Brat Pack was commonly defined to include those who had starred in one of two 1985 films: The Breakfast Club and which other movie, named after an electrical phenomenon often seen on ship’s masts? 

Extra credit
1. What flavor are the Canadian whisky commonly known as Fireball and a similarly-tasting candy known as an Atomic Fireball?
2. Fire Walk With Me is the subtitle of a 1992 film that serves as a prequel to which television series? 

This week's challenge
Start with the word FIRE-BREATHING. Change one letter to an A and you can rearrange the result to spell the names of three parts of the human body: two at the top and one at the bottom. What are they?

On-air questions
1. Earth, Wind & Fire
2. Guy Fawkes
3. Dragon Tattoo
4. Soccer
5. St. Elmo’s Fire

Extra credit
1. Cinnamon
2. Twin Peaks