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Bill Owens

  • Representative Stefanik announces she and Representative Tunney were sponsoring a Resolution declaring the recent NY gun legislation to be unconstitutional. I didn’t know the House has that power over the State Legislation.
  • It appears that there is good news on the horizon, at least for mice, and maybe for humans as scientists believe they have had a major breakthrough in understanding what causes cells to age. A scientist at the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard indicates that he has broken through a barrier that may impact the aging clock, and potentially reverse the aging of cells. This, obviously, is good news for many of us, maybe for all of us. My question is, will it regrow the cartilage in my knees?
  • Former New York Congressman Bill Owens reflects on the news of the past week.
  • The chaos in the Capital with Mr. McCarthy loosing 14 votes, then being elected as speaker was an embarrassing way for the Republicans to start, and as the Wall Street Journal pointed out it will not give confidence even to their most avid supporters that Republicans can govern. In contrast, although the Democrats had a lot of boisterous voices on the left, it did not impede the selection of Speaker Pelosi on one ballot, and although it took approximately a year to coalesce, they did so and passed some significant legislation. This is true whether you agree or disagree with the content of that legislation. The adoption of House Rules is likely to be as messy as The Speaker’s election.
  • Former New York Congressman Bill Owens reflects on the news of the past week.
  • Former New York Congressman Bill Owens reflects on the news of the past week.
  • President Trump’s recent announcement that we should suspend or cancel the constitution or at least some aspects of it was a surprise, I think. I wonder if he understands the Bill of Rights might be gone as well. His base boss won’t like losing the 2nd Amendment.
  • I recently read for the first time about climate proof towns, which are apparently being developed throughout the United States. These are planned communities, and generally are the most weather resilient developments in the country. Some of the elements included are raising the ground level, placing all utilities underground and providing alternate sources of power including solar. Most importantly the developer considers the weather risks in the area.
  • It appears that Justice Alito was the source of a tip from the Hobby Lobby case decided several years ago. Apparently, a minister who was close to those advocating for the Hobby Lobby position has identified himself and the fact that Alito aligned with leaked the decision. It makes a great deal of sense since this decision along with the Roe decision came from the same right-wing philosophic base that Alito is Elijah who leaked the Roe decision.
  • Former congressman Bill Owens shares his thoughts on happenings in the world.