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Veteran Discusses Book And His Recovery From PTSD

Scott Aubin with his service dog Dash
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Scott Aubin with his service dog Dash

He is a veteran who was never in a war zone. Yet as a crew chief he witnessed traumatic deaths as comrades were injured and killed on flight lines.  Scott Aubin dealt with his stress by drinking and admits now that he internalized his emotions. He eventually was discharged from the Air Force and spent time in jail.  Following a suicide attempt, Aubin was treated for Post Traumatic Stress and turned his life around.  He began working for the New York state Department of Criminal Justice Services to tell his story about undiagnosed PTSD and suicide.  Aubin tells WAMC North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley that it is still difficult to talk about his past.
“Because every time you kind of relive it each and every moment.  You know I mean I experienced death when I was a child but in my adult life you know especially in the military it just seemed like it always followed me. It always seemed like there was one thing after another. So it really when I start getting into it and start reliving all these moments it’s like I’m really reliving it with the audience and with myself. It’s very difficult but it helps me while I’m helping others.”

Scott Aubin has just published a book, “Knot Today,” that bluntly describes his life before and after recovery.

Extended conversation with Scott Aubin

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