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“Sanctuary City” Debate Goes On In Troy

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden in his City Hall office, January 18, 2016.
Dave Lucas
Troy Mayor Patrick Madden in his City Hall office, January 18, 2016.

The Troy City Council continues to work with the mayor’s office on crafting so-called “sanctuary city” legislation even as the Rensselaer County Executive says the county will work to prevent such a measure.

Democrat Anasha Cummings, the Council Pro Tem, said Thursday the resolution has always been based on sound legal analysis.

“In terms of making sure that we are not actively participating in the deportation of non-criminal immigrants, and, therefore, making sure that everyone is a community member here feels comfortable interacting with local services,” Cummings said.

Democratic Mayor Patrick Madden says he does have some issues with calling Troy a sanctuary city.

“I think on substantive matters, what they’re looking for are things that, largely, we are already doing,” Madden said.

Republican County Executive Steve McLaughlin has said the resolution is the wrong approach. The city council is set to take up the issue June 6.

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