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Former VP Biden Headlines Rally for NY-19 Candidate Delgado

Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Kingston, New York Friday to stump for 19th Congressional District candidate Antonio Delgado. It’s part of Biden’s effort to turn out votes for Democratic candidates across the country. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne reports Biden also touched on the day’s biggest headline — the pipe bombs sent to many top Democrats.

Biden addressed a large crowd of Delgado supporters, saying the November 6 midterm elections are like no other.

“This is about the character of the nation,” Biden said. “You know, it’s about, by the way, I appreciate the applause but I’m not looking for applause lines. I’m deadly earnest about this. It’s about who we are as Americans.”

Biden address the matter of pipe bombs sent to a number of prominent Democrats, including himself.

“But the country has to come together,” said Biden. “This division, this hatred, this ugliness, it really has to end. And words matter. Words matter.”

He then moved on to other themes.

“Folks, I’m so tired of Democrats walking around with their heads down like woe is me, how can we do this, we’re in such trouble,” said Biden. “It’s time to stand up, dammit, time to stand, remember who we are. There’s nothing beyond our capacity. And I’ll say it again, but this country has to come together.”

Here’s Delgado.

“We need now, more than ever, thoughtful, smart, responsible government because a lot of us, all of us, need that,” Delgado said.

Delgado faces freshman Republican John Faso. In a statement, Faso said he is pleased to welcome Biden to the district, adding, "I appreciate his contributions to American political life over the past 40 years, and his role in searching for a cure to cancer. It is not a surprise that a prominent Democrat is endorsing my opponent. However, most people in our district don’t support higher taxes and the government run healthcare scheme promoted by my opponent." House Speaker Paul Ryan was in the district last week appearing with Faso. One of Friday’s speakers, 20th District Congressman Paul Tonko, says Biden connects with working families.

“And people see him as someone who totally identifies with the American families that have had hard moments, have had difficult times, are looking for a brighter tomorrow,” Tonko says. “He is a voice of hope, and I think he brings that hopefulness to this district today.”

Cynthia Wolff of Kingston attended.

“I think that Joe Biden is somebody who tells you straight deal,” says Wolff. “And so, yeah, I think he’s absolutely a great person to be here because he’s going to tell the people what to do and how to do it and why it’s important for us to do this.”

Biden said the country is in a battle for its soul.

“This is America and together we can take it back, so go get it,” Biden said. “Go get it.”

Delgado, who introduced Biden following four other speakers, had a similar sentiment.

“We got 11 days to make history. We got 11 days to take our future back,” said Delgado. “We got 11 days to remember who we are and what we’re truly about and to go get it.”

A Siena College/Spectrum News poll released October 22 shows one point separating freshman Faso and Delgado, 44 percent to 43 percent. The Green Party's Steve Greenfield and Independent Diane Neal are also in the race. Following his stop in Kingston, Biden was headed to Connecticut to rally for fellow Democrats there.

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