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Newburgh City Manager Asks Residents To Conserve Water

Photo of a faucet
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

In preparation for a temporary shutdown of the city’s current water source, a Newburgh official is urging that residents and businesses to step up water conservation efforts.

Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino says water conservation is critical to be prepared for the upcoming shutdown of the Catskill Aqueduct. Newburgh has been using the Aqueduct for its drinking water supply since 2016, when the city’s own drinking water source, Washington Lake, was found to be contaminated with PFOS. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection will be shutting down the Catskill Aqueduct for 10 weeks, starting October 15, for repairs. During that time, Newburgh’s water supply will come from Brown’s Pond. Ciaravino says reducing demand will help ensure that Brown’s Pond will serve the city’s needs through the shutdown.

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