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New Newburgh Mayor Talks About Priorities For The City

Courtesy of Torrance Harvey Enterprises

The recent death of Newburgh’s Judy Kennedy left her mayoral seat to go one of two ways. Either it could remain open until a special election in November or city council members could appoint an interim mayor, which they did. They unanimously appointed councilmember Torrance Harvey. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne caught up with Harvey at Republican New York state Senator Bill Larkin’s retirement announcement last week in Newburgh.

Kennedy died from ovarian cancer April 15. The Democrat was in the middle of her second, four-year term. Fellow Democrat Torrance Harvey was serving on the Newburgh City Council and says that, just before her death, Kennedy summoned him to her bedside and issued a to-do list.

With Harvey vacating his city council seat to become mayor, the council unanimously appointed Anthony Grice to his seat. Harvey, a history teacher at Newburgh Free Academy, talks more about his priorities.

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