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Indian Point 3 Returns To Service After Planned Shutdown


New York’s Indian Point 3 nuclear power plant is back in service after a 23-day hiatus for equipment upgrades, inspections, and refueling.

Officials with Indian Point parent Entergy said control room operators returned the Buchanan plant to service Wednesday following the $50 million undertaking. More than 2,000 employees, including 1,000 extra contract workers, performed activities that can only be done while the unit is shut down. Indian Point's Unit 2 plant continued at full power during that period. Major activities included the overhaul and inspection of one of three low-pressure turbines and one of two main boiler feed pumps; the replacement of one of four reactor coolant pump motors; the testing and inspection of the Unit 3 reactor containment area; and the removal and replacement of fuel into and out of Unit 3.

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