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NY AG Announces Indictments Of 47 People For Drug, Gun Trafficking In Capital Region

New York Attorney General Tish James speaking in Albany June 24, 2021.
WAMC screen capture
New York Attorney General Tish James speaking in Albany June 24, 2021.

New York Attorney General Tish James has announced the indictment of 47 people for their roles in two drug and firearm distribution networks in the Capital Region. The Democrat was flanked by city and state officials for Thursday’s announcement at the state capitol.

“These 47 individuals are responsible for trafficking large amounts of heroin, cocaine and OxyContin and possessing firearms in this area and have been linked to many of these violent and even fatal shootings that have plagued this community over the past year,” said James.

James said the national rise in gun violence is tied to what she called easy access to guns. The year-long investigation was a joint effort between the AG’s office, the FBI and Albany Police. It centered on two rival crosstown gangs in Albany. City Police Chief Eric Hawkins called it a major step to bringing calm and safety to Albany’s streets.

“These were dangerous individuals,” Hawkins said. “I’ve said this many times before. We have a small group of individuals who are responsible for a large amount of the violent crime that we are seeing in our city. These 47 individuals were responsible, like the Attorney General said, for violence, destruction and mayhem in our streets.”

James says the investigation continues. In other news, the Attorney General said her office’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo will conclude when it concludes – saying she gets progress reports on it. But she did not set a deadline. 

Multiple women have accused Cuomo, a Democrat, of harassment. He has denied the allegations. 

James says she has full faith in another investigation into Cuomo and his administration’s handling of COVID-19 by the state Assembly. The AG says her office is not coordinating with the Assembly Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry.

Asked if she would run for governor in 2022, James said politics stops at the door of the Attorney General’s office. Cuomo’s office has alleged the investigation is politically motivated.

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