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CDPHP Cycle Kicks Off Second Season

Warmer weather is back, and with it an area bike-share program. CDPHP and the Capital District Transportation Authority have the second season of the “CDPHP Cycle!” program on Tuesday.

“CDPHP Cycle!” is the Capital Region’s first bike-share program, featuring 350 bikes at 80 locations in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga Springs. At the second season kickoff, CDTA CEO Carm Basile said the program offers the community a healthy, affordable and fun mode of transportation.

“It is popular, it is productive, it is efficient, it’s really the new way to travel, and frankly we can’t expand it fast enough.” says Basile.

People can chose from various plans to rent the green and purple bikes. CDPHP says the program’s first season included 2,400 riders who took more than 11,400 bike trips covering nearly 27,000 miles. The company says the program eliminated more than 23,700 pounds of carbon pollution. Dr. John Bennett, President and CEO of CDPHP, says the partnership was a no-brainer and the health insurer remains committed to the program.

“People move fluidly across city and county lines.  They live in Schenectady and work in Albany, live in Albany, work in Schenectady, get their entertainment in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga. This really is one community,” says Bennett.

CDTA Board Chairwoman Georgeanna Nugent says the CDTA is proud to offer residents another way to get around.

“We have doubled our number of racks in our region.  Thank you to our local CDTA costumers – we really appreciate your response. A questionnaire we sent out, we listened to, of where you wanted the bike racks to go and we responded,” says Nugent.

New York state Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, a Democrat from the 111th District, said the program is vital.

“We all know Schenectady’s population is on the rise.  We see the apartments being built. Soon there won’t be enough and transportation is so important, easy convenient travel options.  That is what is going to connect our communities, that’s what is going to bring us to the next level and that is what this program is all about,” says Santabarbara.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy did not attend the kickoff, but the Democrat said in a statement the cycle program “will strengthen the city’s sustainable improvements and help support active healthy lifestyles for residents and visitors.”

City Councilman John Pollimeni also highlighted the importance of the bike-share program to the environment and the region’s economy.

“We’d be remiss not to point out how important the environment is to this program as well.  The sustainability, the environmental sustainability of the walkability and ride-ability. So the program is not only great for our residents and the tourism aspects, but also for our businesses.  As people ride around they get to see the businesses in our community and they’ll stop and shop, that’s what we look for and these transportation options really help contribute to that,” says Pollimeni.

The bikes cost $5 an hour to rent. There is also an $85 season rate, which gets you an hour a day. You can learn more about discounted rates for students visit www.cdphpcycle.com

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