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Price Chopper's New Brand And Name: Market 32

A major chain of grocery stores around the Northeast will start to see changes over the next five years. Yesterday, the Golub Corporation unveiled the new branding, banner, and name of its of Price Chopper stores.

It’s a decision that seems to have split shoppers in the early going: Price Chopper is getting a new name, Market 32, a reference to the company’s 1932 founding. Golub announced Tuesday that supermarkets in Wilton and Clifton Park, New York and Pittsfield, Massachusetts will be the first converted, with another wave of updates due in the next 18 months.  The first ground-up store was due to begin construction Wednesday in Sutton, Massachusetts. Speaking Tuesday in Schenectady, President and CEO Jerry Golub said the company’s goal is to renovate more than half of the 135-store chain.

“Modernizing our chain with this new concept will be a big undertaking but we believe it’s absolutely necessary for our long-term success,” Golub said.

Approximately one-third of the $300 million investment will be spent in the Capital Region. Golub has stores in six states across the Northeast: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.  Golub urges customers to let the new stores speak for themselves.

“One of the things that’s going to be new and different is the personality of the store. And that’s something that’s hard for us to describe today but you’ll really have to see it as it comes together but as you walk into the store you’ll clearly understand that it has a different personality from anything that we’ve ever done,” said Jerry Golub.

Price Chopper's Facebook
New concept design for Market 32's Wilton location.

Founded by Ben and Bill Golub in 1932, the company was initially known as Public Service Market before expanding and changing the name to Central Market. In 1973, the name again was changed to Price Chopper. With their small profit margins, grocery stores often come and go. But this region has seen fierce competition in recent years, with the Albany market now home to new branches of Shop Rite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Healthy Living Market, to name a few.  

Evidenced by unscientific polls and a survey of social media, many locals who grew up with the iconic Price Chopper logo — an ax chopping a coin — were skeptical in the initial hours after the announcement. Others, however, were quick to point out that the chain itself has already changed names twice.

Golub promises the new stores will expand food service options, feature an “enhanced product mix,” and will center on customer service. Jerry Golub said the stores will feel more modern but that isn’t the main focus of the rebranding.

“Market 32 will deliver a more customer friendly shopping experience including a more convenient and intuitive store layout,” said Jerry Golub.

The savings platform that is currently in use in Price Choppers stores will be incorporated into Market 32. Price Chopper brand products, AdvantEdge card savings, including the Fuel AdvantEdge program, double coupons and e-coupons will stay as the stores receive the updates.

The Schenectady-based company plans to convert all stores if the new platform proves successful.

Vice President of Public Relations and Consumer Services Mona Golub emphasized that it is more than just a name change, but a re-engineering of the store’s product selection, services offered, and focus on the customer.

"Our investment in this transformation reflects not only the position of strength from which we take this calculated risk, but our determination to set a new and higher more customer-focused standard that will engage and inspire shoppers for decades to come," Mona Golub said.

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