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The Musicians Of Ma'alwyck Present "Despite All Obstacles Of Nature: Composers With Hearing Loss"

      Musicians of Ma’alwyck is a flexible-size chamber ensemble in residence at the Schuyler Mansion New York State Historic Site and Schenectady County Community College. This week, the group is performing a program entitled "Despite all Obstacles of Nature: Composers with Hearing Loss."

Featured on the concert are works of Beethoven, Smetana, Faure and the world premiere of a work by Richard Einhorn written expressly for Musicians of Ma'alwyck and this concert.

Between pieces, letters of all of the composers will be read that describe their utter despair, sense of loss of credibility and ultimate triumph over their affliction. Each of the works was written after their deafness had begun to descend.

Violinist and director Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz joins us to tell us more.

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