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Bard Music Festival "Nadia Boulanger And Her World"

Nadia Boulanger
Centre international Nadia et Lili Boulanger
Nadia Boulanger

The 31st Bard Music Festival opens on Friday and explores “Nadia Boulanger and Her World.” Over two weekends, twelve themed concert programs will examine and contextualize the life and career of Nadia Boulanger, “arguably … the most important woman in the history of classical music” (according to BBC Music).

Enriched by a wealth of compositions by Boulanger, her predecessors, her contemporaries and her unparalleled roster of students, Weekend One explores Music in Paris in the first half of the 20th century (Aug 6–8), and Weekend Two addresses The 20th-Century Legacy of Nadia Boulanger (Aug 12–15).

Artistic Codirector Christopher Gibbs - James Ottaway Jr. Professor of Music at Bard and Bard Conservatory professor joins us.

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