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Ferrin Contemporary And Heller Gallery Present "Melting Point"

Lauren Mabry - Glazescape (Pink No. 2) - 2021
Ferrin Contemporary/Heller Gallery
Lauren Mabry - Glazescape (Pink No. 2) - 2021

Ferrin Contemporaryin North Adams, MA, in partnership with Heller Gallery in New York City, is presenting “Melting Point,” a group exhibition of glass and ceramic artists whose use of the melting point is central to their practice.

Across two locations the exhibition features nearly 100 works by 22 artists. The artists, both established and emerging, explore the inherent physical qualities of materials that are formed and reformed by melting, as well as express their concern for the environmental melting point our planet seems to be approaching.

A material’s melting point is the degree at which solid becomes soft, eventually becoming liquid and a boiling point is reached. Glaze melts, clay and glass soften, surface and form become pliable. Used metaphorically, as the planet warms we are finding ourselves closer to the melting point both physically and socially.

We welcome Leslie Ferrin, founder and director of Ferrin Contemporary with ceramic artist Courtney M. Leonard and glass artist Tom Patti.

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