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Skidmore College Government Professor Beau Breslin's New Book "A Constitution For The Living"

Book cover for "A Constitution for the Living" - text on a brick red background
Stanford University Press
Stanford University Press

Government Professor at Skidmore College Beau Breslin joins us this morning to discuss his new book, "A Constitution for the Living: Imagining How Five Generations of Americans Would Rewrite the Nation's Fundamental Law."

What would America's Constitutions have looked like if each generation wrote its own? Breslin reimagines American history to answer that question. By tracing the story from the 1787 Constitutional Convention up to the present, he presents an account of historical figures and how they might have shaped their particular generation's Constitution.

Beau Breslin holds the Joseph C. Palamountain Jr. Chair in Government at Skidmore. He is the author of "From Words to Worlds" and "The Communitarian Constitution."

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