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Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend Falconry Meet

This weekend the falconers of the Upper Hudson Valley host not only to their colleagues, but also a broader community that they interact with daily. This weekend long “meet” serves as a celebration of falconry and the region that boasts some of the best landscapes one could hope for while endeavoring in such a pursuit.

The  Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend Falconry Meet starts today and runs through Sunday.

We are joined by Leigh Foster, Master Falconer; Jeremy Chamberlain, General Falconer; and Jenna Woginrich, Apprentice Falconer.

For more information email Leigh Foster: lfoster5191@gmail.com.

Friday, January 12, 2018

2:00 pm: A quick afternoon pre-dinner hunt.
5:00 pm: Evening of Pizza and Beer @ Argyle Brewery

Saturday, January 13, 2018

8:00 am: The Hopkins House B&B for breakfast and then move to Salem's Stewart's convenience shop to get organized
4:00 pm: Time to call birds down and get ready to head over to R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery
5:30 pm: Cocktails and Dinner at R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery
6:30 pm: Lecture with Tim Gallagher
7:30 pm: Raffle to benefit Comfort Food Community

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