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Stacey Morris' Roadmap In Food And Memories

  Stacey Morris is a journalist and food writer, who has been working in this region for many years. Her latest project is a cookbook-memoir, Clean Comfort, which tells the story of the author's rocky relationship with food, how the dieting hamster wheel ballooned her weight to 345 pounds, and how she ultimately made her way back to balance and sanity - while loving food.

She says it was when she finally made peace with herself, healed her inner wounds, and accepted she was a dyed-in-the-wool food lover when she was finally able to release herself from the dieting-gluttony cycle and develop a non-adversarial relationship with food.

The book recounts her early years surviving bullying at school and low self-esteem and how she used food as a salve to distract from unpleasant emotions such as sadness and anger. When she topped out at her highest weight at the age of 44, it was, ironically, a former professional wrestler who ultimately provided the Ivy-League-educated writer her ticket to salvation.

Joe talks to people on the radio for a living. In addition to countless impressive human "gets" - he has talked to a lot of Muppets. Joe grew up in Philadelphia, has been on the area airwaves for more than 25 years and currently lives in Washington County, NY with his wife, Kelly, and their dog, Brady. And yes, he reads every single book.
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