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Bioblitz At The Thorn Preserve In Woodstock, NY


  This Friday and Saturday, the The Thorn Preserve in Woodstock, NY will have a bioblitz.

A bioblitz is a community event designed to quickly compile information on biodiversity in a relatively small area. Community members participate in the events alongside trained naturalists and scientists to find and identify as many species of plants and animals as possible in, generally, a period of 24 – 36 hours.

The Thorn Preserve is owned by The Catskill Center and is comprised of 60 beautiful acres in the heart of Woodstock. Thorn Preserve is operated in partnership with Woodstock Land Conservancy.

Here to tell us more about The Thorn Preserve’s BioBlitz are Georgia Asher, a Board Member for the Woodstock Land Conservancy; Virginia Luppino, Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Woodstock Land Conservancy; and Peter Koch, an ecologist with research and teaching experience at the Universities of Maine and Georgia. His specialty is estuarine and salt marsh ecology.

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