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WAM Theatre Presents 'In Darfur'

    WAM Theatreemerged five years ago with a mission to make a powerful impact on the lives of women, both locally and globally. Now, for her fifth annual fall production, artistic director Kristen van Ginhoven has selected a play that lives up to the company’s mission. The New England premiere of In Darfur, by Winter Miller will run at Shakespeare and Company from October 30 through November 16 in the Berry Family Studio.

In Darfur is the compelling, provocative tale of three lives that intersect in the most challenging of circumstances: a camp for internally displaced persons. The story follows the mission to protect lives by an aid worker, the quest for safety of a Darfuri woman along with her struggle to maintain her dignity, and the dogged pursuit of a journalist to deliver a front-page story that will focus the world’s attention on a humanitarian crisis.

Here to tell us more are WAM’s artistic director Kristen van Ginhoven and playwright, Winter Miller.

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