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Naturally Dyed Eggs In Corinna's Kitchen



  Corinna Selby was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and has traveled extensively in the US, Europe and South East Asia. She has been baking professionally for six years, and is a graduate of the Cambridge Culinary Institute. Her pastry-baking classes, both at Corinna’s Kitchen in Ghent, NY and at Different Drummer’s Kitchen in Albany, NY, fill quickly, as her friendly teaching style and pragmatic, easy-to-follow recipes make the classes fun and packed with culinary adventure.


  Corinna’s family comes from the Bavarian countryside and she grew up making traditional European holiday decorations throughout the year. Part of this tradition is the creation of beautiful Easter eggs - dyed with organic food-safe ingredients and creating patterns that use shapes and designs that are found in nature.

Easter Egg Instructions: Things you will need:

White eggs
Plant material like leaves or grasses you want to “print” on your egg


  To make brown eggs, combine skins of onions with water and place prepared eggs (put a leaf of choice on the egg and wrap tightly in a stocking) in the pot, boil gently for about 12 minutes, cool eggs in ice water, rub with fat (I use a piece from bacon) for shine.

To make turquoise eggs, boil eggs alone in vinegar water, prepare pattern.
Chopp up a blue cabbage and add water and a Tsp vinegar boil for about 15 minutes and drain liquid, cool and place prepared eggs in overnight.

To make yellow eggs, boil eggs alone in vinegar water, prepare pattern.
Dissolve 1 Tsp of Turmeric in some hot water, top off with cold water and place eggs in overnight.

To make red eggs, boil eggs alone in vinegar water, prepare pattern.
Juice red beets and place prepared eggs in overnight.

All but the brown eggs can be done with blown eggs as well (like that you can keep them for next year). They need to be rubbed with vinegar before being place in color, and they need to be weighed down or they will float.

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