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New York plastic bag ban

New York's Plastic Bag Ban Upheld

Aug 21, 2020
Single-use plastic bag.
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New York’s single-use plastic bag ban has been upheld in a State Supreme Court ruling, and will now take effect in September. 

French video shot in the Mediterranean Sea shows masks and gloves littering the seabed.
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Environmentalists say plastic pollution is being compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Over a hundred evironmental groups are urging the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to enforce the plastic bag ban and bottle bill law. The DEC disputes the criticism.

New York State Capitol

New York state’s plastic bag ban took effect on March 1, but like much of society, it is now on “pause” as supermarkets and retailers that remain open grapple with other issues. But advocates of the ban, and the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, say it will get back on track.

Marketing Manager Alex Mytelka at Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany
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New York’s ban on single use plastic bags at grocery stores and other outlets takes effect March 1, and stores that haven’t already made the change are gearing up for it. One food store has never offered single-use plastic bags in its 40-year history, and they say no one has been bothered by that.

Yonkers Provides Free, Reusable Bags To Residents

Feb 26, 2020
Courtesy of the City of Yonkers

In anticipation of the start of New York’s statewide ban on single-use plastic bags beginning March 1, Yonkers residents will be able to get a hold of free, reusable bags.

Westchester Legislators To Consider Paper Bag Fee

Feb 24, 2020

With New York state’s ban on single-use plastic bags taking effect March 1, Westchester County legislators will consider whether to implement a fee on paper bags.

Single-use plastic bag.
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The state’s ban on most single-use plastic bags takes effect March 1. Over the holiday weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s environmental agency released regulations on how to carry out the new law. But the new rules have left both environmentalists and the plastics industry fuming.

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Consumers, businesses and localities are getting ready as New York state's plastic bag ban takes effect March 1st.

A plastic bag
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Beginning in March, New York will ban single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and other retail outlets, which supporters believe will cut down on residents’ use of an estimated 23 billion plastic bags each year. State regulators released new rules to enforce the changes, and groups on both sides of the issue say those rules are flawed.