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government spending

Saratoga Springs City Hall
Lucas Willard / WAMC

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed governments across the globe by increasing their spending in some areas at the same time revenues are plummeting due to business shutdowns. The MRB Group surveyed 40 upstate New York governments – counties, cities, towns and villages – to learn how they are faring. 

  Special interest groups increasingly control every level of government. The necessity of raising huge sums of campaign cash has completely changed the character of politics and policy making, determining what elected representatives stand for and how they spend their time. The marriage of great wealth and intense political influence has rendered our country unable to address our most pressing problems, from runaway government spending to climate change to the wealth gap. 

In Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It , Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman, two vigilant watchdogs, expose legalized corruption and link it to the kitchen-table issues citizens face every day.