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  • Politics may make strange bedfellows, but golf is still the world’s boardroom. Both of those truisms and many others converged yesterday in one of the most surprising mergers in sports history. Expected by seemingly no one, the PGA Golf Tour announced a merger with hated upstart rival LIV Golf, the sport’s new tour funded by the Saudi government that’s turned golfers against each other as they choose sides and loyalties that extend far beyond the fairway. Also included in the European Tour, consolidating golf’s most well-known professional tours into one previously unimaginable supergroup.
  • I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating. I do not like golf. I don’t like to watch it, and I really don’t like playing. There’s a long list of reasons for that, most routed in the fact that it’s slow and intensely boring. And if you’re not good at, which to be clear I am not, it’s like forcing yourself to take a calculus exam over and over again – and to spend a lot of money for that privilege.
  • Every sports fan recalls with amazing accuracy a pivotal winning moment involving a favorite team or player - yet lost are the stories on the other side…
  • NBA:In the NBA, Miami topped New York 98-81, Dallas beat Minnesota 128-101, Atlanta won against Charlotte 87-76, Orlando bested Philadelphia 130-116,…