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Villa Veritas

Dec 9, 2020

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of sobriety this holiday season at Villa Veritas in Kerhonkson, NY.

Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. takes a holistic approach to the healthcare practices it employs in the inpatient treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Treatment is designed to address the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. In Villa Veritas Foundation’s holistic inpatient alcohol and drug treatment programs one of the first assignments counselors give their clients is to write an autobiography which is reviewed in an individual session and in group therapy. Hopefully, clients will gain insight into what has happened in their lives since they started to fall apart as they continued to use alcohol and drugs. Once they recognize the negative impacts of the disease, and the helplessness they feel trying to deal with their alcohol and drug dependency on their own, continuing treatment becomes relatively simple. How do we get them to this point: At the Villa we offer the client intense clinical care in a safe environment conducive to the goal of complete abstinence. The philosophy of The Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. is based on the theory of the 12 Step recovery program that addiction to alcohol and other substances is a three-fold disease: spiritual, physical, and mental. Family healing and learning of the disease concept is paramount to the Villa philosophy.

The Women's alcohol and chemical dependency treatment program at Villa Veritas Foundation has the unique status of being one of the few women's programs in the field of chemical dependency that is designed for and administered by women. The treatment center is housed on its freestanding unit and separate from the men's fellowship. The program developed by Suzanne Boylston Cusack (author of Women and Relapse and newly published Holy Water in My Scotch) focuses on the special problems of women.

The men's alcohol and drug addiction recovery program at Villa Veritas Foundation maintains an environment conducive to the overall goal of abstinence. The Villa offers a home style atmosphere conducive to a person's sense of belonging and wellbeing. The essential segment of the men's alcohol and drug recovery program is the client's understanding of their addiction, his family, and their problems. It is essential to involve all clients in recovery therapy and other group activities to break down isolation and alcohol and drug addiction denial and encourage open and honest communication.
Please give our admissions department a call during business hours at 845.626.3555 or afterhours at 845.532.2418

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