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Filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld's Memoir Of A Neurotic Filmmaker

Dec 31, 2020

Best known for directing such successes as "Addams Family Values," "Get Shorty," and the first three "Men in Black" movies, Barry Sonnenfeld's importance to modern cinema expands considerably when his cinematographer credits are added to the list: The Coen Brothers' first three films: "Blood Simple," "Raising Arizona," and "Miller's Crossing." He also was the Director of Photography on "Throw Momma from the Train," "Big," "When Harry Met Sally," and "Misery," plus, of course, his television hits: "Pushing Daisies" and "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Now Barry Sonnenfeld joins us to discuss his very funny new memoir "Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother." His philosophy is regret the past, fear of the present, dread the future. Told in his unmistakable voice, the book is a laugh-out-loud memoir about coming of age, constantly threatened with suicide by his overprotective mother disillusioned by the father he worshiped and abused by a demonic relative - Sonnenfeld somehow went on to become one of Hollywood's most successful producers and directors.

Originally aired July 2020.