Cuomo Threatens Trump With Lawsuit Over Puerto Rico Response

Sep 2, 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening a lawsuit over the federal government's response to the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico last year.

Governor Cuomo, a two-term Democrat running for re-election, is continuing his harsh criticism of President Donald Trump, a Republican.

Speaking at a Bronx church on Sunday, Cuomo said Puerto Rico received a “different level” of storm relief than Florida or Texas after Hurricane Maria struck the U.S. island territory last year.

“And we’re going to work with the Puerto Rican families and we’re going to sue the president of the United States for violating the Constitution and violating the Equal Protection law because we’re going to stand with Puerto Rico the way we said we would,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo has traveled to Puerto Rico multiple times to review recovery efforts. The Puerto Rican government recently raised the Hurricane Maria death toll to nearly 3,000.