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Gardening 3/31/22

An open field in Richmond, MA
Jim Levulis/WAMC
An open field in Richmond, MA

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, so let's garden! Our panel of gardening experts is back to answer your questions. Call at 2pm. 800-348-2551. Or you may email the program at "VoxPop@wamc.org." Ray Graf hosts.

Bob Graves is from Faddegon's Nursery. Founded in 1920, Faddegon's continues to offer nursery and landscaping products and services... in its original location.

Fred Breglia is the director of the Landis Arboretum, one of only three arboreta in eastern North America that have old-growth forests. It is home to trees and shrubs from around the world and beautiful perennial gardens.

Greg Ward runs Ward's Nursery which serves the Berkshires with horticultural products, advice and customer service.

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  • The gardeners are back to take over the Vox Pop program for another hour. Get ready with your gardening questions and give us a call at 2pm. 800-348-2551.
  • Here in the depths of winter, it may appear that spring is a long way away. It is closer than you might think! Here to turn your outlook from snow white to a leafy green is our panel of gardening experts. Call at 2pm with your gardening question! 800-348-2551.
  • Alright, we admit it. The weather hasn't been that great. But days are getting longer. Before you know it, spring will be here! So let's crank up the first Vox Pop gardening show of 2022.Fred Breglia of Landis Arboretum and Greg Ward of Ward's Nursery join host Ray Graf to take your questions.The number to call: 800-348-2551.