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Harbinger Theatre presents "The Agony and the Agony"

Poster for Harbinger Theatre's 2022 production of "The Agony and the Agony"

Harbinger Theatre is a relatively new theatre company in New York’s Capital Region that was founded by local theatre artists Patrick White and Dennis Skiba who shared a desire to produce impactful theater with an emphasis on regional premieres.

Their next production is “The Agony and the Agony” by Nicky Silver. The play will be performed at the Yulman Theatre on the Union College Campus in Schenectady, New York December 8-17.

It is a poison pen love letter to the theater, a tale of has-beens and never-weres in a dark comedy of ill manners.

We are joined by aforementioned co-Founders of Harbinger Theatre Patrick White and Dennis Skiba — for this production, Patrick is a producer and Dennis plays the lead character, Richard Aglow.

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