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Democrat Concedes 21st Congressional District Race

WAMC/Pat Bradley

In Northern NY’s 21st Congressional District, Republican Elise Stefanik defeated Democrat Aaron Woolf and Green Matt Funiciello.  Woolf appeared at his campaign headquarters in Elizabethtown Tuesday night to thank his supporters and concede the election to Stefanik.

Woolf entered the Cobble Hill Inn at about 10:45 after many media outlets had called the election in favor of  Republican Elise Stefanik.

He said he had phoned both his challengers.  “I called Elise Stefanik and I congratulated her. I asked her if her commitments to bipartisanism that she expressed so often were real. She assured me that they were. I won’t be going to Washington this time. But I will continue to do what I’ve done as a citizen to work for the betterment of our communities in modest ways.”

Woolf did not offer a clear indication whether he would remain in politics or run again in two years.

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