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Northern New York Congressional Candidates Urge Voters To The Polls


The Democrat and Republican Congressional candidates seeking to replace retiring Democrat Bill Owens to represent New York’s sprawling 21st district are making their last minute push to bring voters to the polls.

Republican Elise Stefanik and Democrat Aaron Woolf spent time in Plattsburgh Monday continuing their campaigning and motivating volunteers and voters at call centers.

Stafanik expressed confidence “We have not only support among Republicans, Independents and Conservatives but also Democrats. Because people are looking for a breath of fresh air. I hear that constantly when I go door to door and meet with people.”

Aaron Woolf stopped by his Plattsburgh campaign headquarters.  “This campaign has been characterized by a lot of heart. We are the party that’s really invested in the future. I think we are the campaign that’s really thinking about human values.”

In the most recent polls Stefanik leads the three way race by 18 points.

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