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Absentee Ballot Controversy Flares

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Republicans in Plattsburgh are considering legal action as they claim mishandling of absentee ballots is increasing as election day looms.

Republicans in two Plattsburgh city wards and the Clinton County area 8 legislative race claim that volunteers from the Working Families and Democratic Parties are misleading voters or mishandling, or in some cases, filling out absentee ballots.  They cite what they say is an unusual and alarming increase in the number of absentee ballots submitted to the Board of Elections and first hand accounts from constitutents. The Plattsburgh Press Republican published an article in its Friday edition in which a reporter accompanied area 8 Republican candidate Mark Dame to speak with some of the targeted voters. Dame says he’s hearing that blatant misconduct is occurring.

Dame continues that they’ve been told when the canvasser brings the ballot back, there have been more questionable actions.

Democrats say Republicans are upset over efforts to get people to vote. Clinton County Democratic Party Chair Marty Mannix says it’s much ado about nothing.

Mannix is dubious about the opposition’s investigations over the absentee ballots.

Working Families Party New York State Communications Director Khan Shoieb says the increase in absentee ballots is a testament to the quality of candidates and the progressive agenda that has been put forth.

Republican Mark Dame notes that there will be an effort to set aside absentee ballots and they will “.....challenge the absentee ballots one at a time based on what we consider false application for the ballot.”

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