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Troy Mayor Vetoes Sanctuary Measure

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden (file photo)
Lucas Willard
Troy Mayor Patrick Madden (file photo)

The Democratic mayor of Troy, New York has vetoed a measure passed Thursday night by the common council as part of a move to declare Troy a sanctuary city.

After an emotional and loud debate, the council approved the FACT Act Thursday night 4 to 3, but mayor Patrick Madden veoted the measure Friday afternoon. 

In his statement, Madden said:

"It is with equal measure of regret and disappointment that I veto this resolution. I appreciate the efforts of the resolution's sponsors. Numerous discussions with me and my staff including the police chiefs and the corporation counsel brought us to a closer understanding and aided the city in clarifying its current practices.

Nonetheless, differences remained in the phrasing of the resolution that I could not ascribe my name to in my capacity as mayor."

Prior to the city council's actions to revist the immigration debate after a measure to declare Troy a sanctuary city  was tabled in December, Madden last week issued a memo outlining city practices regarding immigration enforcement.

The Democrat, running for reelection, said in his memo that “the term ‘sanctuary city’ has no legal meaning” and would “create confusion as well as an unsubstantiated set of expectations.”

Republican City Council President Carmella Mantello, who voted against the FACT Act, issued a statement Friday evening:

"I think the Mayor did the right thing. The legislation that the Council acted upon last night was illegal and improper, and in violation of the Council's own rules. It's unfortunate that Mr. Bissember and his three colleagues chose to violate the very rules they had adopted," said Mantello.

Immigrant advocacy group ICE-Free Capital District condemned Mayor Madden and said the Democrat has “aligned himself with the area’s most xenophobic, far-right extremist elected officials.”

Republican Rensselaer County Steve McLaughlin took a public stance against the measure.

Lucas Willard is a reporter and host at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, which he joined in 2011.
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