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New Plan For MA Health Insurance Website To Cost $120 Million


Massachusetts unveiled a plan to fix problems with its health insurance website that have slowed the state's transition to the federal Affordable Care Act. The plan calls for a "dual-track" approach which includes purchasing new software while also connecting with the federal health care website.

The state will purchase hCentive, an off-the-shelf application that has powered exchanges in Colorado and Kentucky. Jean Yang is executive director of the state’s health connector.

“We actually looked at hCentive as part of the original plan,” Yang said. “But subsequently we decided not to go there in part because the system was just not mature enough.”

If the state site is not ready by fall, residents will be temporarily directed to the federal site, healthcare.gov. The dual-track will cost $120 million. Yang says the state is working with the federal government to secure funding. The state is working to extend transitional coverage for residents till the end of the year.

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