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NY-18 Candidate Is Launching His Campaign In Orange County

Scott Smith, SAM candidate in NY-18
Courtesy of Scott Smith
Scott Smith, SAM candidate in NY-18

A congressional candidate in New York’s Hudson Valley is officially kicking off his campaign Tuesday. He has been on the ballot for the 18th District before. This time, though, he’s on a new party line.

Orange County resident Scott Smith has run twice before in the district where Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney is seeking re-election to a fifth term. Republican Chele Farley also is running. Smith kicks off his campaign tonight at 6 at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, appearing as the SAM, or Serve America Movement, candidate. Smith, a middle school biology teacher, is also calling on local organizations to include him in debates. Smith says he offers an alternative to the status quo, an option other than Republican or Democrat.

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