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NYS Provides Funding To Improve Animal Shelters


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced funding for animal shelter improvements across the state. Nearly $4.5 million will go toward construction, renovation and expansion projects. And, as WAMC’s Allison Dunne tells us, the Mid-Hudson Valley received the bulk of the funding.

In Orange County, the Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark will receive more than $367,000 for an upgrade. The Warwick Valley Humane Society will see $500,000 to construct a new facility. Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park will receive more than $312,000 to renovate its medical facility; and $500,000 is headed to the Rockland County Department of Health/Hi-Tor Animal Care Center to replace the current animal shelter. The Humane Society of Westchester in New Rochelle is receiving $500,000 to expand and upgrade its facilities.

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