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Alliance To Hold Meeting Detailing Refugee Resettlement Program

Courtesy of Church World Service

An alliance of college and faith-based organizations in the mid-Hudson Valley will discuss details of a refugee resettlement program for the Poughkeepsie area Sunday.

Maria Höhn is founder of the Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance and says more than a dozen refugee families from war-torn areas of the globe will be coming to live in the Hudson Valley. Höhn, who chairs the History Department at Vassar College, says the first families are expected to arrive early in 2017 and are from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“One of the reasons they have been picked is because they are endangered because they helped our troops,” Höhn says.

Church World Service announced in October that it will open a refugee resettlement office in Poughkeepsie. The Mid-Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance’s meeting is November 6 at 4 p.m. in the student building at Vassar College.  

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