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Legislator Urges Revision Of A NYS Traffic Law

Kate Ter Haar, flickr

An Orange County legislator is calling for a change in a New York state traffic law. He says the change would help cut down on dangerous driving in his city that is putting residents - especially children - in harm’s way.

Legislator Patrick Berardinelli, whose district includes the City of Newburgh, says a change in a state traffic law could help address the problem of many drivers disregarding stop signs in the city. One solution, he says, would be to install surveillance cameras at certain intersections. However, Berardinelli says state traffic law does not allow traffic cameras in municipalities with populations of fewer than one million residents. He is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state Department of Transportation to change this restriction on the use of traffic cameras. Berardinelli will hold a press conference Wednesday morning with City of Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy, Police Chief Michael Ferrara, and local residents at the intersection of Dupont Avenue and Anderson Street, just off Broadway.               

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