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Entergy Executive Talks Indian Point License Renewal

Courtesy of Entergy

In his first news interview about Indian Point’s license renewals since he took over in his new role earlier this year, William Mohl spoke with WAMC’s Allison Dunne about how he’s trying to putting more of a public face on the process.

William Mohl was named president of Entergy Wholesale Commodities in February. He has been with Entergy since 2002, most recently as CEO of Entergy Louisiana. Entergy Wholesale Commodities includes all of Entergy’s non-utility assets, and as part of his role, Mohl leads the license renewal effort for Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, in Buchanan in Westchester County. While the position is not new, a certain focus is – more of a discussion with the public about the continued operation of Indian Point.

The license for Indian Point Three is due in 2015, for Indian Point Two, in September this year, though the plant will continue to operate until the Nuclear Regulatory Commission renders a decision, given there are more hearings to be held, likely appeals, and so on. Indian Point opponents, among them environmental and citizens groups along with various elected officials, have said the length of the license renewal process, and the hearings, signify they have the NRC’s ear. Entergy wants to ensure it has the public’s.

The NRC recently issued a green rating for safety performance for both of Indian Point’s reactors, meaning that inspection findings carried low-safety significance. Opponents then issued their own rating, giving failing grades to both the NRC and Indian Point. Entergy’s Mohl says Indian Point does meet requirements specified by the NRC, and it’s his job to both ensure that this compliance continues, and that the public knows it.

Opponents have voiced concerns over a number of issues, including earthquake risk, and the current evacuation plans and planning zones. Much of the oversight on many of these issues resides with the NRC, as Mohl explains.

Another concern has been any leakage from spent fuel pools into the ground and Hudson River. Entergy officials say there is currently no indication of leakage from spent fuel pools on site, that any issues from years ago have been remedied, and there are groundwater monitoring wells around the site.

The license renewals for Indian Point Two and Three would allow the plans to operate another 20 years each.

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