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Tanya Boone Discusses Her Entry Into NY 21st District Congressional Race

Democrat Tanya Boone
Tanya Boone for Congress/Facebook
Democrat Tanya Boone

Tanya Boone is the latest Democrat to enter the race against incumbent Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York’s 21st district. Hailing from Granville in Washington County, Boone is a small business owner and a former union organizer.  Announcing her campaign, Boone said she is running because she’s fed up. She says it forms the basis for her platform and desire to reverse inequities.
"I am frustrated and that’s why I’m running because you read the newspaper and tweets and different things every day and it just feels like Washington is dysfunctional. So I’m running and I know folks all over the country are running for the first time a lot of us, and a lot of us are women, because we feel like we have a different voice and different perspective and different experience to  bring to representation."  

During a visit to Plattsburgh in August, incumbent Republican Elise Stefanik said regardless of the number of challengers she is focused on her job and delivering results to the district.  “I feel confident but I’m going to focus on doing my job because that’s why they voted for me because they know I’m energetic, I’m hard working and I’m common sense and independent-minded and an effective voice for this district in Washington.”

The other six candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the 21st House district are Emily Martz of Saranac Lake, Don Boyajian of Saratoga County, Ronald Kim of Queensbury and Saratoga Springs, Tedra Cobb of Potsdam, Katie Wilson of Keene, and Patrick Nelson from Stillwater. Republican Russell Finley of Lisbon in St. Lawrence County is looking to force a primary.

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