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Paul Elisha: Three Political Necessities

The dawn of  Presidents Day 2015 found the northeastern United States frozen in place by the worst frost in the 218 years since the first President, George Washington, took office in 1789.  33 years later, England’s Lord Tennyson would memorialize Washington, noting that self-reverence, self-knowledge and self-control lead life to sovereign power.  He also warned that  “The jingling of the Guinea helps the hurt that honor feeds." which describes the state of our nation’s self-respect now, when all three of these political necessities are frozen out by Congressional quarrels, just when they’re needed most.

How can we elevate and prize the position of our nation’s Chief Executive, when we use caricatures of the three greatest of these, to plug mattress and motor-car ads on TV, that embody sales as pay-offs in their honor?  Modern America’s money-hungry marketers have misused them, as makeshift mannequins, to hype their phony holiday ‘hustles-for-bucks.’  They’ll do it...'ad nausium,' until we the people cry, "Enough!" 

The remedy’s simple: if we push the politicos, to endow the ‘Chief Executive’ Trio, as official “National Emblems,” with a fine or prison sentence, for those who ‘mar’ them.

The U.S.A. we tell the world we want to be considered as needs this reinforcement, as never before.

Tell this to your Congressional representative.… if you agree!

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