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Paul Elisha: Mr. Netanyahu Goes To Washington

President Barack Obama delivered his two thousand/fifteen – State Of The Union – Address to a Joint Session of Congress, in which victorious mid-term Republicans were determined to make even his concession of this reality a moment of impotence, best kept to him-self.  His refusal to accept this belittling has set all else that follows in a somber sense of gridlock.  Seemingly impelled by this impetus, House Speaker Boener unceremoniously announced that he had invoked a ‘Joint Session’ of Congress, which he’d invited Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to address.  This apparent insult on Speaker Boener’s part may also be more seriously seen as an effort to force the President into an embarrassingly impossible position, between two devilishly difficult political choices.  Favoring liberal-Jewish-American Democrats over strongly-pro-Netanyahu conservatives (or vice-versa), is surely bound to provoke the ire of those with seemingly less clout.

All this now having been noted and reported, this long-time believer in the adage, that all politics is not only local but all-too-often, hyphenated with other nationalities, would add this simple wisdom; that the knee-jerk belligerence of House-Speaker Boener could have hauntingly hellish consequences, should it ultimately add up to this question: (If the Israeli Prime Minister not only urges us to pursue a more militant course against Iranian nuclear capability but then acts upon it, as a self-appointed paladin, at what point does Speaker Boener’s provocative invitation verge on conspiracy to engage the U.S. in a wider war?

As our President asks this Congress to support his plan for sanctions, to curb the possibility of wider warfare and its horrendous human and economic cost, Speaker Boener should re-think his rashness.  This ardent opponent of creating another all-too-expensive group of ‘Gold-Star-Mothers’, urges him to do it…  NOW!

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