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Stephen Gottlieb: An Oasis Of Sanity

This station is an oasis of sanity in a suicidal world.

So many people refuse to let the reality of climate change seep into their comfortable thoughts. But sealing their minds against reality will not keep it at bay. Changes are coming, and the more we close our minds and eyes the more serious it will be. We and our children and grandchildren are the hostages to the foolishness of our generation. This has got to stop.

When we are sick we go to doctors – we don’t deny that they don’t know any more than we do, we go and we listen and we take our medicine or have our surgery and feel grateful for it. When we have an accident or need to create a business we consult attorneys; we don’t claim that we know just as much as the lawyers do, and we work with them to develop a plan we can live with; we sign the documents and are grateful for their help.

I have an elderly cousin who was one of the first women physicists to work on the space program. None of us told the physicists they weren’t necessary – that we laymen could just throw a missile into space. We listened, we watched and we applauded because the scientists knew what they were doing.

But on climate change, we are accursed with fools who substitute their own ignorance for the work done by thousands of well-trained scientists around the globe.

Thank heaven, this station has been a beacon of sanity, spreading the news, the real hard facts, while there is yet time to deal with it.

There are many who dislike what WAMC stands for because their business model or their rollicking around is disturbed by serious news, by the truth that WAMC sends through the airwaves. But bless WAMC for the great work it is doing, on climate change and on many other issues where it is in the self-interest of politicians and special interests to hide reality from those of us who need to know.

That’s why I listen to this station. That’s why I support this station. And I am proud to participate as a commentator for the quality audience that has formed around WAMC.

This is a great struggle. We are all in this together. And WAMC is a crucial piece of that struggle.

The views expressed by commentators are solely those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of this station or its management.

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