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Stephen Gottlieb

  • The Court has done it again, this time blocking OSHA, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, from requiring companies to help stop the spread and protect employees from Covid, a mere disease.
  • Assuming elections were rigged because they dislike the results and claiming victory instead doesn’t make it so; it just assumes away any reliable way to count the people’s votes. Election rigging can’t be prevented by eliminating the rules. And of course it’s the pot calling the kettle black, as the worst rigging took place in the segregated states and now takes place in Red states trying to rewrite the laws to get the results they want by excluding people from the polls, or by gerrymandering in you-win-you-lose fashion. If politicians can choose their voters, the results aren’t elections. That’s the problem, not the cure.
  • Dr. Henry Greenberg, of Columbia University’s Department of Epidemiology in its Mailman School of Public Health, copied me on a note he wrote dear friends of ours:
  • Some don’t want to hear bad news about global warming and climate change, but the good news is that we can make government take care of it by making clear that our votes depend on strong environmental action. “Sí, se puede,” yes, we can, Obama’s rallying cry, applies to protecting the environment that sustains us and our families.
  • Let me turn our attention to the refugees on the Belarus-Polish border, the Afghan refugees here and pouring into Iran and Pakistan, the Central American and Haitian refugees at our Southern border, and refugees in Africa from the wars in the Congo, Uganda, and Ethiopia not to mention the lack of vaccines.
  • The relation between a couple of reviews in the New York Times struck me. In a review of two books about Fannie Lou Hamer, one of the great organizers of the Civil Rights Movement in the South, Jill Watts commented that the 1966 defeat and replacement of the “integrationist leadership [of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee] … by Black nationalist members … triggered the group’s decline and drained much needed external support from Hamer’s local crusades.”
  • Given all the controversies about teaching the history of immigrants who didn’t come from England in the public schools, I’d like to read a sentence from my book about the Roberts Court:
  • Before COVID makes a come-back, it’s worth talking about science and medicine.
  • Making a great America is a driver of American politics. People wear MAGA hats, short for Make America Great Again. So what made America great?
  • The Court has a gun rights case and the NRA recently sent me an incendiary invitation to join. So let’s talk about guns and the people who carry them.