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New Troy Outbreak Is Latest Capital Region COVID Concern

WAMC composite image by Dave Lucas

The Capital Region still is still feeling the impact of COVID-19 with two seperate outbreaks causing concern.

A 200-person person July 4 party on Hudson Avenue in Albany has led to dozens of positive coronavirus cases.

Across the river, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin says 22 cases were confirmed Thursday at the Troy Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing on Marvin Avenue.

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Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin

"We had 24 positive yesterday, 22 were in one location in the Troy Rehab Center, so it's a huge concern for us, just as Riverside is, just as Diamond Hill is, or was, Diamond Hill has thankfully calmed down. You know it's something that we're watching closely but we're also, our hands are tied because they're state licensed and permitted. But if you look at the county as a whole, the county is doing really good except for a couple of these hotspots."

McLaughlin announced the latest numbers Friday afternoon:

"There are 89 active cases in the county. 70 percent of that 89, which would be 62, 62 out of 89 are in two facililties, Riverside and Troy Rehabilitation. Out of those 36 are at Riverside, 26 are at Troy Rehab."

McLaughlin says the county can only offer advice because the facilities are privately run. He adds that 21 of the county's active cases are hospitalized.

"Of that 21, 13 are from Riverside, seven are from Troy Rehab. That's 20 out of 21 from those two facilities."

The county has seen a total of 771 cases sinch March.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says vigilance is necessary to keep the spread contained.

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Albany County Executive Dan McCoy

"We have 2,282 positive cases of the COVID-19 in Albany County. 755 people under mandatory quarantine. So we have an increase of 13 positive cases since yesterday. So, as I kept saying before, I thought we hit the apex, one little step can set us back, one little ripple in the pond sends us in a different direction, or the domino effect, so, out of those, one reported traveler out of state, so someone coming to going to a state they shouldn't have. Five had close contact with positive cases. Five didn't have a clear source of infection, so we're still tracing that. Two positive people have been linked to the Hudson Avenue party group. That brings that total up to 46 people now. Which I say this, and I'll say it again: I commend them kids, they're coming forward and they're letting us know what's going on. It helps us stop the spread. It helps us understand what one little function of one little setback can have on the community as a whole."

McCoy added no new deaths have been reported, and the COVID-related death toll for the county stands at 126 since the outbreak began.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, on Friday, New York saw its lowest number of hospitalizations, ICU patients and intubations since mid-March.

To date the statewide total of New Yorkers tetsing positive for COVID-19 stands at 415,014. The state says 25,150 New Yorkers have died of COVID-19.

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