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Rensselaer County DMV Will Process All Applications

drivers license

More than a week after a federal judge dismissed the Rensselaer County Clerk’s legal challenge to New York State’s Green Light Law, Frank Merola says his office will process all applications.

Merola had opposed the law and, arguing his workers had not received proper training, sent an applicant who couldn’t provide a Social Security number to the Albany DMV.

The Republican now says the staff has watched a mandated 40-minute webinar to identify documents from other countries, and is ready to process all applications.

"So we'll see what comes in the door and now like I said, we'll make sure that we're taking a good look at everything, we'll make sure that there isn't something that's that we think is going to be fraudulent. If it is we won't be accepting anything that we deemed to be fraudulent," Merola said.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has said any county clerks who do not want to follow state law should resign.

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