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Troy Police Hold “Walk Out” Ceremony For Retiring Chief

A farewell “walk out” ceremony for retiring Chief John Tedesco was held at Troy Police Headquarters this morning.

Mayor Patrick Madden told the gathering John Tedesco has enjoyed a long and distinguished law enforcement career.  Madden, speaking at a podium set up in the doorway of Troy Police headquarters on Sixth Avenue, said the city owes Tedesco a debt of gratitude.    "And at this time I'd like to present the chief with a proclamation. Given the inclement conditions I won't read it. But it does conclude by declaring today, January 12th, 2018, Chief John F. Tedesco Day in the city of Troy."

Troy City Council President Carmella Mantello recalled meeting Tedesco when her father was a police officer. She said the day was bittersweet:  "Tears came to my eyes because I've seen the chief go from patrolman, to sergeant to captain to chief and we had an incredible working relationship both professionally and personally, and it brought me back to my days when my dad retired after 30 years."

Tedesco, a University at Albany graduate, joined the Troy Police Department in 1976, and worked his way through the ranks, picking up awards along the way, including one for outstanding bravery in the line of duty.   He was appointed chief in 2010 by then-Mayor Harry Tutunjian:  "When I appointed the chief several years ago it was a very important decision for the city of Troy moving forward. He was the right chief at the right time. I think he did a great job with the department. And it's really kinda sad to see him go, but he leaving on his own terms and his own decision, and I wish him the best with his new life with his family."

After a farewell speech Tedesco saluted his officers, then told reporters he’s off to Florida. The 63-year-old revealed in December that he has ALS.

Tedesco says the experience that stands out most in his 41-plus years on the force was last month’s quadruple homicide in the city’s Lansingburgh neighborhood.  "You know when I got the call it was surreal. It was like, what? Four dead, two children. I was like, wow... it was very difficult. I was very concerned about the officers because of the nature of the incident. But as usual, they pulled through and did a phenomenal job. I'm leaving very satisfied."

A reporter asked "what about your most positive memory?"

Chief  Tedesco responded "My cops. Just all my cops, yeah."

Assistant Chief George VanBramer has been named acting chief of the 130-member force.

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